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The starting point for any engineering solution is to understand the complete 'end to end' requirements and design. Only then this, combined with effective experience in mechanical and electronics integration, will succeed. Send us your DXF or DWG part or simply describe you requirement and we will return a competitive estimate for as many parts as you need.
Our CNC part manufacture capability can provide a one off or 1,000 component run in an extremely fast and competitive way... Our precision engineers are experienced in satellite and aircraft component part design and manufacture. We optimise our 3D forms with the very best CAD systems.
An instant response to user action is essential to maintain effective control. Devices that include sensors to maintain their own condition, with consistent monitoring and preventative action taken before any damage happens, is seen by us as essential.
The heart of the device, the MicroController Unit (MCU). We pride ourselves on our coding teams ability to create code that integrates all sensors, actuators, control signals and logical process flow definitions for device intelligence & capability. We test the process control program and confirm it as compliant to the full requirement, providing complete error protected code for the MCU.
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